Why Get iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano Touch on Black Friday?


If your looking for a simple and small MP3 playing device, Apple has the iPod Shuffle or the iPod Nano to meet those needs.  This would definite be a good choice for me since I own a Samsung Epic 4G smart phone and I don’t have a need for an iPhone and iPod Touch.

My phone can technically do everything that the larger and more expensive iPod Touch can do.  If I want to go to the gym or on a run I wouldn’t want to carry my nice smart phone because I won’t be taking calls and wouldn’t want to risk damaging it. 

This is where the iPod Shuffle & iPod Nano come in to play.  I definitely can take a slim light MP3 player with ample room for all my albums & play lists. The iPod Nano seems to be not as simple to use as the iPod Shuffle’s conventional buttons but the touchscreen does offer better visual screen and also can be used as a watch, FM radio or pedometer.

So if you have owned an iPod in the past and just want a simple MP3 player you can take to the gym, I highly recommend you to get a new iPod Shuffle.

If you want the touchscreen functionality and additional features for bit more, you might want to look into the new iPod Nano. It is smaller and lighter than the iPod Shuffle and has some cool features like a pedometer to track your running distance and speed with a clock option that makes the whole gadget look like a watch bezel. And also don’t forget there’s FM radio functionality which is great for picking up your favorite local stattions.

For Black Friday, there should be a good number of deals on the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. Of course, there also might be deals on older models of iPod Shuffle and Nano, which are still great buys on Black Friday.

Whatever the case, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano both are great choices for those who need a simple and small device to play music.

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