Reasons to Buy iPod Touch for Black Friday!


Everyone seems to want an iPod for Christmas so I had to get a little familiar with product since the last one I bought was 2 years ago!

Best way to do this for me was to actually go to the local BestBuy so that I can review them hands-on, side by side.

Immediately I noticed a crowd of *hot* young girls around Apple’s iPod Touch, Apple’s flagship iPod model.  I was blown away because I did not really think it would be so popular due to all the touchscreen smart phones out there that has the same performance and features along with being a phone. Basically the iPhone is an iPod Touch with a phone function. It is just a little a little thicker. 

My answer to seeing the crowd of young girls around the iPod was: “I guess not everyone has converted yet to an iPhone or an Android touchscreen smart phone!” Then my second conclusion, which should have been my first was: “these girls might be still too young for a cell phone yet!” If I didn’t have a cell phone yet alone a smartphone, the iPod Touch would be the coolest thing ever!!

Its like almost having a phone with a wifi internet, a digital camera/camcorder, media player and storage for your songs/videos. Plus it has some rather entertaining, simple games made for killing time!

In short, Apple’s iPod Touch is an awesome media storage and playing device that can capture/share media to your social network.  It is a wonderfully thin and light music player that comes with a camera! Its so portable you can forget you even have it on you! This is a perfect gift for someone that doesn’t own a touchscreen smart phone…because with this they don’t need one. They can stick with their metro pcs or not have to pay for over-priced internet plans.

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