Is Black Friday the Right Time to Buy an iPod?


A lot of people ask me (since I buy so much stuff on Black Frdiay) if Black Friday is the right time to buy an iPod.

And usually I reply back that it’s probably the only time of the year you can get some good discounts on iPods.

Although Apple has not have held big discounts for their products during the year, they’ve always had some kind of markdowns or another on Black Friday.

Now here’s the biggest loophole most consumers tend to miss.  It’s not Apple who sells iPods there’s other online retailers who have Black Friday iPod deals, sometimes more than Apple themselves.

Also you might be lucky to find deals on older models of iPods and refurbished ones, which are usually not that bad either.

So, my simple answer to those wondering is that iPods are one of the hottest ticket items for retailers and consumers.

Should you hold out until Black Friday to buy that iPod for yourself or your wife?

You betcha and don’t forget to check back with our blog as we will have plenty insight to head you in the right direction for the absolute best, best iPod deal out there for this year’s Black Friday.

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