Another Look at iPod Nano, I want it so Bad for Black Friday!


So today I went back to my local BestBuy to take a closer look at the iPod Nano because I really am thinking about buying one for Black Friday.

They have two models: the 8GB that comes in a metalic blue or graphite grey priced around $159 and 16GB that comes in macbook silver for about $30 more.

I am betting that the prices will be at least $40 lower on Black Friday.

The reason I want to buy it is because I want a simple media player that I can take on a run or to the gym. The new Nano really is super small and light, pretty easy to use.

It is of course, very asthetically pleasing and has other features that are pretty cool as well.  It has an FM player which is cool just in case you get tired of the music you have and couldn’t make the time to load it up with fresh new playlists.

It has a pedometer(I think thats what its called) that helps you pace your running speed and gauge your distance. That’s useful if you go jogging. I don’t go jogging yet I swear I might go if I am equipped with that plus some music and a strong energy supplement(whatever young kids are doing these days).

The iPod Nano also has a photo album so you can load your pictures of your family and friends on the smallest touch screen thus far. This feature is actually really stupid in my opinion. Who the hell is listening to their iPod Nano and all of a sudden get a the urge to look at pics that sort of looks like some pics of their wife.

Wait…now I get it! This feature is so that people can transport an share pics of their wives. Well all kinds of pics…it doesn’t have to be of your wife.

Ok moving on the other cool things about the iPod Nano is that it has a clock option.  I know, that sounds stupid, but it is actually useful if you don’t want to wear your watch too the gym or on a run. The really cool thing is it makes the nano look like a watch bezel. Coupled with an accessory like the arm band, you can make an….iWatch!

Yeah, there are other small mp3 players out there that are probably cheaper but as far as “ease of use” and  “coolness”(I hate this word)…Apple dominated the MP3 world. 

It is because of iTunes in my opinion. Even if you have a PC you will have to use iTunes. As my brother puts it, why can’t you be normal & get an iPod! If the price is too much Apple made the $50 4GB iPod Shuffle that looks exactly like the iPod Nano but without a screen. It has the old school iPod controls and a voice prompter so you know what you are about to play. This means that you really have to know what’s on your playlists. The iPod Shuffle also wouldn’t make a good iWatch just in case that is your reason for buying the iPod!

Most likely, Apple will have better deals on the iPod Shuffle as it’s been around while the new iPod Nano might have bit less but still great deals.

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